• How much space do I have for my Inbox?

    One of the advantages of moving over to T-mail is the storage capacity. You will now have 7GB! After migrating over, check your stats at the bottom of the page for usage and other information.

  • Can I access T-mail off campus?

    You bet. T-mail is available via any internet browser. If you can get to the internet, open your browser, go to tmail.trinity.edu and you’ll be at your log on screen.

  • How often does my Inbox refresh?

    When your Inbox is active, the refresh rate is every 2 minutes. When your Inbox is not active, the refresh rate is every 10 minutes.

  • Can I access my emails offline?

    Yes. In your main T-mail page, select Settings and then the Labs icon or the green beaker if visible, and then select Offline. Make your appropriate selections for Offline mail.

  • Will my messages “Spell Check” automatically?

    It will not do it automatically, but the Check Spelling option in the top right corner of your message will highlight any misspelled words in yellow. If you then click on the highlighted misspelled word, it will provide you with suggested corrections. In many common browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, inline spell checking will notify you with a red line under the misspelled word. Internet Explorer does not yet support this feature without the use of a third-party plugin.

  • What is the difference between “Reply”, “Reply All,” and “Forward”?

    "Reply" returns the message to the one that sent the message. The original message cannot be modified.
    "Reply All" returns the message to everyone. The original message cannot be modified.
    "Forward" will request “To” entries. These messages can be modified.