Information Required Per Request
If the student has granted the parent(s) access to his or her educational records by completing the Student Consent to Release Educational Records, parents may receive student information by providing a written request.  Parents requesting student educational records must provide the following:

  • Student ID and/or Date of Birth
  • Parent's Last Four of Social Security Number (or PIN)
  • Parent's Date of Birth
  • Parent's Signature
  • Date of Request
  • The specific record requested (i.e., grade reports, enrollment verifications)
  • Contact Information (records are sent to the parent, not third-parties)
  • NOTE: Please be advised.

  • A separate written request is required each time records are needed. For example, if grade reports are desired at the end of each semester, a request will be required at the end of each semester.
  • Records are only sent to the parent.  Records needed for third-parties (i.e., insurance companies) will be sent to the parent.
  • Email requests must have an attached scanned document with parent signature and required authenticating information.
  • Grade Reports
    Parents may request grade reports by email to roffice@trinity.edu or fax (210) 999-7202.  Also, we only produce hard copies of grade reports, please provide a current home mailing address.  Grades are not sent electronically.  Grade reports are mailed to the parent on a per request basis and will not be sent automatically at the end of each semester.

    Mid-Semester Grades
    Mid-semester grades are sent directly to students by email.  Only deficient grades of C-, D+, D, F, and FF (pass/fail) are submitted at mid-semester.

    Enrollment Verifications
    Parents may request enrollment verifications by email to roffice@trinity.edu or fax (210) 999-7202.  Enrollment Verifications may be sent to the parent by email, fax, or mail.